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Allinda Winery
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Situated at the base of the attractive Great Dividing Range, the Allinda Winery is a beautiful winery located in the Yarra Valley. For decades, the winery has produced many premium quality wines for its customers.

Started by two passionate winemakers Al and Linda Fencaros, the Allinda Winery is an award-winning estate that creates many unique wines.

Allinda Yarra Valley Winery & Cellar Door Wines Victoria

Each of their wines has a balanced and subtle fruit flavour and, to maintain texture, colour and taste of their wines, the winemakers uses simple and traditional methods in the wine making process. As a result, many of Allinda’s wines have received prestigious awards.

The rustic cellar door boasts a number of picturesque lookouts where visitors can enjoy the stunning views of the area. The winery is a small property compared to many other Yarra Valley wineries, however, the winemakers have never compromised on the taste and authenticity of their wines. Despite of their small setting, Allinda produces over 10,000 cases of wine per year.

Allinda Winery uses their estate grown grapes to create their wines, with their modern facilities using the best fruits to create quality and authentic wines. Visitors visiting here are welcome to taste samples of their latest creations.

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119 Lorimers Lane
Dixons Creek, VIC

Operating Hours
Sat - Sun: 11am - 5pm

Open Public Holidays

(03) 5965 2450

Ticket Prices / Admission
Private Club. Membership required

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