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Blue Lotus Water Garden

The Yarra Valley’s Blue Lotus Water Garden stretches over 14 acres and has a number of water gardens which boast beautiful varieties of water lilies and lotus flowers.

Visitors to the garden can hike, relax, play and picnic as the parkland offers an ideal venue suitable for all members of your family.

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The Blue Lotus Water Garden houses two pristine lakes, each one boasting a myriad of water lilies and lotus flowers. There are three small dams edged by beautiful varieties of wildflower plants and exotic plant species. The parkland also has an exclusive area of river flats, which boasts eighty small ponds. Each of these ponds is filled with an array of lotus plants, which regularly blossom.

For children, there is a flower fairy garden which has 7 picnic huts and a BBQ. Here kids can run around and play as they find fairies and giant mushrooms and play in the fairy cubby house.

Bring a picnic and enjoy the gardens within one of the large picnic shelters that can seat hundreds of visitors. If you simply buy your lunch, then the gardens have you covered as there is a kiosk on site where you can get lunch, snacks, cold drinks, ice creams and coffee.

If you are interested in mountain bike riding or hiking, then take the walk to the Mt Donna Buang Ranges which are located nearby.

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2628 Warburton Hwy
Yarra Junction, VIC

Opening Hours
Dec - Feb: 10am - 5pm

Mar - Apr
Mon - Fri: 11am - 4pm
Sat - Sun: 10am - 5pm

Open Public Holidays
Closes for Winter & Spring
Closed from April to December 27

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(03) 5967 2061

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