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Healesville Weather

Healesville Weather

Healesville is one of the most charming towns in Victoria as it boasts a number of popular tourist attractions. Adjoining the scenic Yarra Valley, Healesville located only one hour east from Melbourne.

One of the best things about Healesville is its year-round favourable weather, which means that it is a fantastic place to enjoy at any time of the year.

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The Healesville weather forecast is comparatively cooler than the weather in Melbourne. However, the typical cool climate throughout the year helps in the abundance of grape cultivation in this area, therefore you will come across an excellent array of wineries and vineyards around Healesville.


Daytime temperatures in winter can get as low as 5C with frequent showers; however, the summer is typically warm with rare rain periods. Maximum recorded temperatures in summer are between 22C to 25C. Summer is a great time to visit Healesville as although the weather is warm, the conditions are relatively mild.

Tourists also prefer to come here in Spring as Healesville looks vibrant with its blooming flowers and lush foliage. Also, the wide range of spring wildflower shows at the nearby national parks draws numerous visitors to this town during this time.

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