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Nestled close to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, the township of Seville is a neighbouring town of the Yarra Valley. As one of the flourishing townships located within this wine region, Seville boasts a number of wineries, vineyards and accommodation options.

Seville Accommodation, Hotels, Motels & Cottages, Victoria

Seville has a well-developed railway and bus transfer system. Therefore, Seville is easily accessed from all nearby locations in the Yarra Valley. The township boasts an array of residential communities, a large shopping complex and a number of restaurants and cafes. The town has primary schools, service stations a popular community learning centre.

Seville also houses a recreation centre known as the Seville Recreation Reserve, a sporting hub where a number of sporting activities are enjoyed. The centre offers play areas for cricket, football, tennis and netball. A number of local teams also come here to play friendly matches and tournaments over the weekends.

Seville houses some of the most popular vineyards in Victoria and The Five Oaks vineyard is one of the oldest and most popular in this region. This is an eighty-year-old vineyard set in a tranquil hilly area and offers an outstanding and comfortable atmosphere.

There are a number of accommodation options in Seville including motels and private cottages. Click the link below to search for the best accommodation deals in Seville.

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