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10 Money-Saving Hacks When Visiting The Yarra Valley In Australia

Are you looking for one of the best wineries to visit in Australia? Then make sure to put Yarra Valley on your list! Besides just visiting the different wineries, there are more things to do and places to visit in this region. But what activities should you experience aside from wine tasting?

For one, you and your family can enjoy long walks and camp at the Yarra Valley National Park. Indulge in a savoury snack or satisfy your sweet tooth by visiting the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie. Want an award-winning cheese to pair with your new favourite wine? Then don’t miss out on the locally crafted cow and coat’s cheese at the Yarra Valley Dairy.

Got a non-wine lover friend? Then they will undoubtedly want to taste some beers at the Yarra Valley Cider and Ale Trail. They offer ciders and local craft beers on tap. You can also go golfing at a local golf course, ride a hot air balloon while sipping on some delicious wines. Indulge in the scenic views the Yarra Valley has to offer and more.

While travelling may seem like an expensive treat, there are lots of ways on how you can cut down your travel costs. But how? We’ve gathered the ten simple hacks that are guaranteed to save you some cash while on a Yarra Valley escapade.

Book For Your Flight And Accommodation Early

10 Money-saving Hacks When Visiting The Yarra Valley In Australia
Sourced from https://www.independentcollection.com.au/accommodation/melbourne-vic/yarra-valley-lodge/

Take note that more often than not, last-minute booking costs can be expensive. It doesn’t matter where you’re heading – it always pays to book your flight or accommodation as early as possible. This way, you can find exclusive deals and discounts before the trip.

Airbnb is an excellent way to book your accommodation fast, cheap, and easy. You can find great deals without having to pay a hefty price tag and enjoy your stay at an affordable but quality hotel.

Consider Driving On Your Own

While it’s true that booking a day tour is one of the best ways to explore the Yarra Valley, it can be quite expensive. So, choosing to drive yourself is an excellent way to cut down on some of your travel costs. Bringing your car or renting a vehicle offers many perks. You get to travel on your own pace, choose whichever place you want to visit first and stay in one location without fear of getting left behind.

However, if you plan on self-driving, make sure to do this with care. Choose the driver for the day to avoid driving after wine or beer tasting. Spitting is also a good idea if wine tasting is a must.

Use The GasBuddy App

One app to download asap is GasBuddy. Every day, we are the mercy of rising gas prices. By downloading this app, you can find the cheapest gas nearby so that you can save some cash. You can view the app via list and map, helping you compare the gas prices and have your tank refilled at a much cheaper rate.

Snacks And Drinks With You When Traveling

10 Money-saving Hacks When Visiting The Yarra Valley In Australia

You may not think much about it, but stopping to buy a quick meal or drinks can be costly. You’ll be surprised once you find that even the smallest expenses can add up to your bill. If possible, only go for a single stop and bring snacks with you on the car ride.

Head Over The Smaller Wineries

10 Money-saving Hacks When Visiting The Yarra Valley In Australia

Indeed, the more prominent and more popular wineries are usually the must-visit ones. However, you’ll find the smaller wineries in the Yarra Valley offer a more personalised experience. There is no need to pay a $5 per person charge, plus you’ll get to taste fine wine while often enjoying superb views.

Download A Public Toilet App

That’s right! You can now download a free public toilet app on your smartphone or tablet. This way, you can plan your toilet trips, knowing where you can stop while on the road. Before leaving for the next destination, let your group know how long it will take to reach the next toilet stop.

Use Your Cards Instead Of Cash

Thanks to credit cards and debit cards, you can now shop, dine, and pay for goods and services without bringing a significant amount of cash. Besides, your bank usually has the best exchange rate. It means if you have a different currency, you get to avoid excess fees and accumulate rewards.

Use A Virtual Private Network

A VPN allows you to shield your activities while connecting on public Wi-Fi, access websites that are restricted in a region and make a secure connection for your gadgets.

It pays to play safe wherever you’re heading. It is especially true if you do online banking, or need to work while on the trip. This way, you can avoid someone from hacking into your details, which can cost you hundreds to tens of thousands of cash.

Watch Out For Cellar Door Specials

10 Money-saving Hacks When Visiting The Yarra Valley In Australia

Some wineries offer exclusive wines that you can buy only at the cellar door. To access some of the great bargains and discounts on offer, you may need to be a wine club member to buy their exclusive deals.

Check Out Dog-Friendly Wineries When Traveling With Your Pooch

10 Money-saving Hacks When Visiting The Yarra Valley In Australia

Is your favourite canine buddy tagging along on your trip? Then don’t forget to check out the accommodation and must-visit sites that allow dogs. There are lots of cafes, parks, and wineries that are dog-friendly. Remember to put your dog on a leash. Make sure they know how to socialise with people and other animals for safety purposes.


The Yarra Valley is a fantastic must-visit region in Victoria, Australia. Make your trip a memorable but less expensive by keeping the tips above in mind.

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