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Lotus Flower Season

Lotus Flower Season

The Lotus Flower Season, held by the Blue Water Lotus Garden, is an event that lasts a few months, during which visitors can see beautiful lotus flowers in full bloom.

The next season runs from December 2023 to April 2024, featuring thousands of Lotus and Water Lily flowers over 14 acres of ponds and ornamental lakes.

Lotus Flower Season Water Garden, 2023/2024 Bloom Yarra Valley, VIC

The Blue Lotus Water Garden houses two pristine lakes, each boasting many water lilies and lotus flowers. Beautiful varieties of wildflower plants and exotic plant species edge three small dams. The parkland also has an exclusive area of river flats, which boasts eighty small ponds. Each pond is filled with many lotus plants, which regularly blossom.

There is a flower fairy garden with seven picnic huts and a BBQ for children. Here, kids can run around and play as they find fairies and giant mushrooms and play in the fairy cubby house.

Bring a picnic and enjoy the gardens within one of the large picnic shelters that can seat hundreds of visitors and coin-operated BBQs. If you buy your lunch, then the gardens have you covered, as there is a kiosk on-site where you can get lunch, snacks, cold drinks, ice creams and coffee. There is also free Wifi available for patron’s use.

Please note that dogs (except service dogs) are not permitted within the Water Gardens. So come check out the lotus flowers at the best time of year by visiting the Blue Lotus Water Garden in the beautiful Yarra Valley.

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