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Survival Tips For Your Ultimate Australian Adventure

Survival Tips for Your Ultimate Australian Adventure

Australia’s stunning scenery provides the perfect spot for a traveller who is in search of the adventure of a lifetime. The continent is one of the most interesting in the whole world; with its fascinating wildlife and ever-changing landscapes.

However, if you want to go on an unforgettable trip in Australia, you need to be careful and prepare yourself to avoid any unpleasant experiences, as this continent has a unique environment that’s different from the other places around the world.

In this article, we have outlined some of the essential survival tips for an ultimate Australian adventure.

1. Beaches

Survival Tips For Your Ultimate Australian Adventure

With all the beautiful beaches in Australia, you’ll always find yourself craving sun, sand, and waves. Beach safety is very straightforward, but if you are not aware of the safety rules, you’ll be in a tight pinch.

First of all, it’s best to go swimming at patrolled beaches with volunteer lifesavers, or professional lifeguards. Professional lifeguards patrol the most famous beaches in Australia, and most often than not, they wear white or blue uniforms. On the other hand, lifesavers wear yellow and red uniforms.

Before you go swimming, make sure to pay attention to the signage and if it states that the beach is closed.

If you are caught in a powerful water current; such as rips, do not panic and start swimming parallel to the shoreline to find calmer water. You can also choose to float with the rip as they often disperse. As long as you know how to swim, you’ll be able to get back to shore.

2. Bushwalking

Survival Tips For Your Ultimate Australian Adventure

When you’re going on a bushwalk, don’t choose tracks that are beyond your fitness level and capacity. Always try to walk in groups – four is the best number so that if you get in trouble, two can get help while the other two can stay behind.

Ensure that your footwear and clothing are up to the task. Have some extra clothing to prepare you for a sudden change in the weather. If you feel that things start to feel out of control, turn back. Also, inform a park ranger or an officer if you are going out on your own. Make sure you also have a first-aid kit.

If you’re not game for a bushwalk, then you can try some of the best short walking tracks in Victoria, the Yarra Ranges National Park. You can have a peaceful stroll enjoying Nature’s wanderlust.

3. Fishing

Survival Tips For Your Ultimate Australian Adventure

Before you enjoy a fishing adventure with your family and friends, make sure you are well equipped, and choose the right equipment and gear. Afterwards, know all the regulations and rules when fishing around Australia, as each state and territory has different laws.

Do your research and always put your safety first. Know the tides, weather and swell conditions. Don’t go fishing alone and let your friends and family of your whereabouts.


And that’s it! Always be aware of the rules before embarking on that ultimate Australian adventure. Do your own research beforehand, and as much as possible, avoid going alone. If you must, let someone know of your whereabouts.

Enjoy your experience and go on your Australian adventure now!

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