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Coldstream Airport

Coldstream is a small country airport located in Melbourne’s picturesque Yarra Valley, approximately 50 minutes from Melbourne.

Jim Doake is credited with developing the airfield in the mid-20th century, and presently, the airfield is owned by Doake family members.

Coldstream Airport Flying Lessons & Skydiving, Victoria

Yarra Valley Flight Training operates the Coldstream Flying School. Enjoy professional flight training in a friendly club atmosphere where you can learn to fly by learning the fundamental skills required to safely control an aircraft.

The Coldstream Airport is also a popular departure point for Skydiving over the Yarra Valley. You can choose a tandem or a self-guided jump based on your skill level. Each skydive package usually includes a short training session, photo and video package and the jump itself.

The Coldstream Airport was recently sealed therefore making it one of the best regional airports in Victoria.

96 Killara Rd
Coldstream, VIC

Opening Hours
24 Hours

Phone Number
(03) 9739 1406

Email Address


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What is the Coldstream Airport address?
What is the Coldstream Airport address?
What are the Coldstream Airport opening hours?
What is the Coldstream Airport phone number?
What is the Coldstream Airport email address?

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