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Warburton Weather

Warburton Weather

Warburton is a quaint township on the banks of the gorgeous Yarra river. Bordered by a range of heavily forested hills, Warburton is a highly visited day trip destination in the outskirts of Melbourne.

A number of backpackers, family vacationers and nature travellers come to Warburton to picnic and explore the town’s wide range of spectacular wineries and the magnificent landscape.

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The weather in Warburton is typically cool and breezy all year round. Winter lasts from June to August and is cold with strong winds and temperatures often falling below 2C. Rainfall in winter is also common here with an average rainfall of about 135cm. So those planning a winter holiday in Warburton can expect a number of rainy days.


Autumn and spring are the two best seasons for holidaymakers. With an array of fun-filled community events and shows in addition to the clear and cool weather, spring and autumn in Warburton have consistently mild weather which is perfect for outdoor activities.

Visitors can also choose to travel to Warburton in summer as the rainfall during this period is much less than other seasons. In addition, the summer in Warburton is pleasant with maximum average temperatures of between 25C-30C, with some exceptional days in summer reaching 40C.

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