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Yarra Valley Dairy

Yarra Valley Dairy

For a delicious cheese experience in the Yarra Valley, visit the popular Yarra Valley Dairy.

Started as a small family owned farm in 1955, the Yarra Valley Dairy has grown into a renowned cheese producing factory and store, which now sells its artisan cheeses all over Australia.

Yarra Valley Dairy Farm Cafe, Menu & Cheese Shop Hours

Nestled in the stunning Yarra Valley landscape, the Yarra Valley Dairy is accessible from all major locations. Visitors from all over Victoria come here to taste the farm’s authentic Australian cheese and other traditional gourmet fares. The Dairy is one of the finest cheese producers in Victoria.

The dairy uses fresh milk for preparing a variety of traditional soft cheeses made in the style of the farmhouse cheese in France and Italy. Most of the cheese varieties are vegetarian and free of animal rennet, excluding the white mould style cheeses.

Visitors to the dairy are offered complimentary tastings of a variety of farmhouse cheeses such as their cow milk curds flavoured with fresh herbs, fresh goat cheese, their most popular marinated cows milk cheese – Persian Fetta, and a selection of white mould cheeses.

Platters of these cheeses and other locally produced charcuterie and antipasto are on offer for purchase to sit and enjoy with a glass of some of the finest smaller wineries in the area whilst looking out on one of the Yarra Valley’s best views.

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What are the Yarra Valley Dairy entry prices?
Cheese tastings
Free for groups with less than 8 people
A $3 tasting fee applies per person for groups larger than 8

Tastings of up to 6 different cheeses selected each day, with the entire range of over 15 cheeses available for purchase.

Please visit our website for more information on the Yarra Valley Dairy.
What is the Yarra Valley Dairy phone number?

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