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Lubra Bend

Steeped in rich history, Lubra Bend is today a popular tourist attraction in the Yarra Valley, one that has won several awards for its remarkable garden design. The garden consists of mainly Australian native plants and features three sculptures by renowned Australian artists.

Lubra Bend Garden & Homestead, Yarra Glen

On location is a majestic house constructed in 1960 by renowned Melbourne architect, Guilford Bell. One of the major features of the place at the time was the lush garden. Interestingly, many of the flowering plants such as the magnolias, camellias and oak trees on the site were planted at the time of construction.

Today, the garden is home to a beautiful orchard, a vegetable garden and a dry garden. There are also three beautiful sculptured found within the gardens: ‘Pear’ by George Baldessain, ‘Whale Song’ by Peter Blizzard and ‘Carbon Trader’ by Stephen King.

To experience the magic of Lubra Bend, visitors are required to book an appointment prior to their visit. Please note that Lubra Bend is closed in January and in July.

135 Simpsons Ln
Yarra Glen, VIC

Opening Hours
All bookings are by appointment only

The garden is closed in January and July

Phone Number
(03) 9730 1312

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