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Lake Mountain
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Lake Mountain

Located just two hours from Melbourne, Lake Mountain is a picturesque alpine location near Marysville that is a popular holiday destination all year round.

During winter, Lake Mountain offers a snow-filled winter wonderland and is perfect for those who enjoy skiing, tobogganing and snowboarding.

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Lake Mountain is a fun destination which can be visited all year round. Offering many activities for snow lovers in the winter, there are also a number of activities that can be enjoyed by day-trippers in the summer including bushwalking, mountain biking, leisurely picnics and nature walks.

During the snow season, thousands of people come to Lake Mountain each year to ski and snowboard their away around the mountain. For families, explore the cross-country trails on skis and snow shoes, race downhill in a toboggan, have a snowball fight, or build a snowman. There are a number of trails that are beginner friendly, so a visit to Lake Mountain can be a great winter holiday destination for beginners or for those travelling with children.

A range of adventure activities are also available at the nearby resort, including a 240 metre flying fox, outdoor laser skirmish and and a tube run. Snowmobiles are also available for hire for those who would like to explore the trails around the mountain.

For novice skiers and snowboarders, lessons are available on the mountain, both public or private. Equipment is also available for hire, so you can get everything you need once you get to the mountain. Snow-making facilities are also on site which ensure a guaranteed snow cover for snow play and tobogganing throughout the winter snow season.

As there is only one resort on the mountain itself, accommodation is often booked around the Marysville area which is in close proximity to the mountain. There are a range of options available including B&B’s, motels, private retreats and hotels.

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1071 Lake Mountain Rd
Marysville, VIC

Operating Hours
Green Season:
Activities run on weekends, school holidays and public holidays (excluding Anzac day) from 9am to 5pm

White Season:
Gates open at 8am and close at 6.30pm

(03) 5957 7222

Ticket Prices / Admission
Gate Entry (Non-Commercial Vehicle)
Per Vehicle: $56
Motorbike: $14
Bus: $17.80 per passenger over the age of 5 years, $11.30 per student/teacher passenger in organised school group, mid week only

Gate Entry Season Pass
Lake Mountain season pass: $420
Restricted Lake Mountain season pass (Monday to Friday only): $190
All-resorts pass (Monday to Sunday): $660


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