Yarra Glen Weather

Yarra Glen Weather
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The Yarra Valley’s popular winery township of Yarra Glen is also a renowned tourist destination. Known for its scenic wineries, rolling hills and picturesque nature reserves, Yarra Glen attracts a number of local and international tourists all throughout the year.

Nestled on the banks of the Yarra River, Yarra Glen borders the northern town of Lilydale and the western border of Healesville. The wide range of wineries and vineyards are some of the major tourist attractions in Yarra Glen.

Yarra Glen Today & 7 Day Weather Forecast, Victoria

Yarra Glen is very popular during autumn and spring with a consistent and pleasant weather. Autumn, being cool and dry, is the most preferable time for visiting Yarra Glen. Spring is also a good time to visit as Yarra Glen’s abundant parklands look colourful with wide range of native wildflowers.

Rainfall in Yarra Glen varies from about 45cm to 75cm, with the largest rainfall during August and September, however the township experiences consistent rainfall throughout the year. The town’s cool climate helps in the production of quality grapes and sparkling wine varieties which is why Yarra Glen is the perfect wine producing town.

Yarra Glen is known to host a number of community festivals and events especially in spring and autumn and the show grounds and parks become particularly attractive in these seasons.

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