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Bed And Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfasts

Staying in a traditional bed and breakfast is a quite popular and preferable lodging choice amongst vacationers and Victoria’s ultimate relaxing destination is the Yarra Valley.

The Yarra Valley houses a number of small to medium bed and breakfasts which range from inexpensive to the more luxurious. No matter what your budget, the Yarra Valley has something suitable for every budget.

Yarra Valley Bed and Breakfasts & Winery B&B Cottages

Many travellers come to the Yarra Valley for a winery tour and to spend a relaxing weekend away. So if you are after a private lodging option, a bed and breakfast could be a great option for you. These self-contained units often include quaint bedrooms and shared bathrooms. They are great for families who can book adjoining rooms and are a lot quieter than the noisier hotel chains. Also, most B&Bs are located near many of the popular wineries in the Yarra Valley.

Whether you’re planning a week-long vacation or a special honeymoon getaway, these properties will certainly cater to your needs. Some B&Bs even have two or three bedroom cottages on their properties to cater for larger groups or families. Each property offers comfortable bedrooms, linen, towels, luxury bathtubs, WiFi and breakfast each morning. With so many amenities, you’ll feel right at home.

While offering you an array of amenities at a sophisticated and comfortable location, Yarra Valley bed and breakfasts charge you comparatively less than the luxury resorts or cottages.

Come here and enjoy a private escape by choosing any of the bed and breakfast venues for your accommodation. Check out the great range of accommodation options by clicking the link below.

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