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Badgers Brook

Badgers Brook

The Badgers Brook Vineyard was established in 1993 by an enthusiastic wine loving family, Michael and Mary Warren. The vineyard’s first vines were planted in 1989 and the property made its first vintage in 1993.

The Badgers Brook Vineyard is positioned on the Maroondah Hwy and overlooks the acres of lush vineyard settings. This family-owned estate has specialised in producing quality red and white wines that include Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Shiraz.

Badgers Brook Vineyard, Winery & Cellar Door, Yarra Valley

The winemakers at the Badgers Brook Vineyard believe in authenticity and flavour. Therefore, they use their estate-grown fruits with a combination of other local fruits to create blended and complex tasting wines. The winery produces two distinct wine varieties known as Badgers Brook and Storm Ridge. Badgers Brook is produced for cellaring and Storm Ridge is produced for immediate consumption.

The cellar door at the Badgers Brook Vineyard is open 5 days a week between Wednesday and Sunday. If you are interested in a tasting, each visitor is offered up to six authentic Badgers Brook and Storm Ridge Label wines to taste. So plan a tour and drop in for a wonderful wine tasting experience at the Badgers Brook Vineyard.

Your winery tour across the vineyard property also includes a brief overview of the types of wines produced at this Badgers Brook. If you want, you can also meet the winemakers at the vineyard and take part in an informative session about the winemaking process.

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