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Bicentennial National Trail

Bicentennial National Trail

An exhilarating adventure awaits at Bicentennial National Trail for those who would love to experience the thrill of the outdoors like never before.

This extraordinary trail stretches for a jaw-dropping 5,300 kilometres from Cooktown, Queensland and ends in Victoria.

Bicentennial National Horse & Mountain Bike Trail Map

The long distance of the trail means that there is spectacular biodiversity along the way as the trail spans different geographical areas and weather patterns. Commonly referred to as BNT, the trail offers long-distance trekkers a thrilling escapade to sample some of Australia’s most scenic locations.

Originally designed as a route for trekkers and their horses, the Bicentennial National Trail is today a tourist attraction enjoyed by cyclists and hikers from Australia and the rest of the world.

Due to the extensive nature of the trail, visitors keen on taking up the challenge must adequately prepare. This trail requires trekkers to be self-sufficient with food, shelter and plenty of water. Generally, the trail steers clear of towns and cities, so visitors must factor this in when planning their trek along the BNT. The Bicentennial National Trail is divided into twelve sections and trekkers must be familiar with locations and distances before they set out.

Most importantly, the use of motorized transport on the Bicentennial National Trail is strictly prohibited. Whilst trekkers can meet support vehicles at designated spots, they cannot use the vehicles or motorbikes on the trail itself.

Visitors keen on taking up the BNT trek challenge should register their plans at the BNT offices and permits must be obtained for many of the campsites along the way. Guidebooks should be purchased in advance which will contain detailed maps and trail routes.

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