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Emerald Museum

Emerald Museum is a local museum in the Yarra Valley that is home to some of the most important historical memorabilia relevant to the Emerald Township.

The museum is a rich source of historical information, so for those who would like to broaden their understanding of the town as well as some of the milestones achieved, the museum is a great place to start.

Emerald Museum & Nobelius Heritage Park, Victoria

With more than 1600 photographs and numerous documentary records that chronicle the history of Emerald, it is not hard to get a picture of how Emerald grew from a small town into the bustling rural centre that it is today.

The proximity of Emerald museum to the famous Norbelius Heritage Park means that visitors can access authentic ledgers and original stock books in mint condition. Different catalogues produced in days long gone are also present at the museum.

The museum is also home to an exhibition known as the ‘Writers of Dandenongs.’ At the exhibition, book lovers with an interest in historical writing will certainly enjoy this part of the museum. Other exhibitions held at the museum cover a wide variety of themes, including early settlement, farming, the discovery of gold, the evolution of the transport system and horticulture.

The entry fee at Emerald museum is a gold coin donation, and the museum is open by appointment as well as on Wednesdays and Sundays.

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5 Crichton Rd
Emerald, VIC

Operating Hours
Sun: 1:30pm - 4pm
Wed: 10am - 3pm

Other times by appointment

(03) 5968 2152

Ticket Prices / Admission

Gold coin donation appreciated

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