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Giverny Estate
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Giverny Estate

Established almost three decades ago, Giverny Estate is nestled in Toolangi, just 10 minutes north of the popular township of Healesville.

Giverny Estate is positioned between the scenic Yea River and the dense verdant Toolangi State Forest, making this kiwi-fruit winery overlook the best scenic spots in the region.

Giverny Estate Winery & Kiwi Fruit Wines, Yarra Valley

Giverny Estate is the only kiwi-fruit winery located in the Yarra Valley. The vineyard produces in excess of 10 tons of outstanding quality fruit each year and the results are a range of different varieties of fruit wine. Try their well-known kiwi fruit wine, which carries a delicate flavour and aroma with a hint of citrus.

The Giverny Estate’s kiwi fruit wine has won a number of awards from several prestigious groups. This vitamin-rich fruit is rarely used in producing wines. With an aim to create a healthy and great tasting wine, the winemakers chose this amazing fruit to give something unique for their customers.

The winemakers at the Giverny Estate use a premium method champenoise style to produce their fruit wines. To give that citrus hint and subtle flavour, they use citrus and passionfruit and blend the flavour with kiwi fruit wine to create a complex character.

Each of these fruit wines is available for tasting and purchasing at their winery. In addition, you will also find kiwi fruit schnapps, sparkling cider varieties and kiwi fruit jam and chutneys at their onsite store.

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