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Kinglake National Park

Kinglake National Park is located about 50 kilometres north-east of Melbourne. Those planning to drive to the Kinglake National Park from Melbourne can take a direct route through Plenty Road.

This large parkland boasts an array walking tracks, picnic grounds, camping facilities, 4wd tracks and several scenic vantage lookouts.

Kinglake National Park Camping & Walking Tracks Map

Popular attractions include; Masons Falls with adjoining picnic grounds, Jehosaphat Gully with walking tracks and picnic facilities and Wombelano Falls which has a 1.5km circuit walking-track to view the falls.

The Kinglake National Park also boasts an abundance of flora and fauna and all throughout the year you will find a myriad of animals including birds, wallabies, kangaroos, possums, wombats and echidnas.

The national park is a habitat for a variety of birds such as sulphur-crested cockatoos, black and red-headed parrots, lyrebirds and rosellas. Bushwalking and hiking are some of the most popular activities enjoyed at the Kinglake National Park and there are a number of walking tracks available. Enjoy a scenic tour of the Kinglake National Park by embarking on a walking trail to explore the park’s most picturesque points and attractions.

Kinglake National Park also houses a well-maintained camping ground. Visitors looking to book caravan park accommodation should book well in advance as it is a popular accommodation choice for families and tourists. Facilities include toilets, BBQ areas and fireplaces within the caravan park.

If you are not interested in camping but want to stay close to the park, there are plenty of other accommodation choices. Simply click our link below for the best accommodation deals.

Heidelberg-Kinglake Rd
Kinglake, VIC

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24 Hours

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13 19 63

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