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Panton Hill
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Panton Hill

Come and visit Panton Hill, a family-run winery and vineyard, and experience the warm hospitality of the wine-loving Aussie family within their award-winning boutique winery.

With a beautiful lush setting and unique architecture, this exceptional vineyard is a perfect setting for you and your friends to come and spend a day.

Panton Hill Vineyard & Winery Menu & Wedding, Yarra Valley

With the scenic setting boasting the rolling countryside, green pastures and manicured vineyard, Panton Hill Vineyard and Winery welcomes you to its setting to explore its cellar door, enjoy some local wines and take a winery tour.

This rustic and quaint vineyard setting was established and run by Holland-born viticulture and winemaker Teunis Kwak. This pioneering winemaker spent many years in Canada before moving to Australia’s Yarra Valley to start his business. In 1973, he established this vineyard by purchasing land and planting its first vine.

With the sole purpose of producing the finest local wines, Panton Hill was born and has since become one of the major and quality wine producers in Yarra Valley today. The winemakers at this property create many premium and classic red, white and sparkling wine varieties.

All the fruits are carefully hand-picked so that the winemakers only use the finest fruits in creating their unique wines. With the latest organic methods and biological farming standards, the winery makes many sweet, fruity and fortified wines for their customers. So come and try their wines at their cellar door which is open on weekends and public holidays.

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Sat - Sun: 11am - 5pm

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