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Yileena Park
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Yileena Park

The Yileena Park Vineyard in the Yarra Valley is positioned on a rocky landscape at the base of the picturesque Christmas Hills. This family operated vineyard is renowned for its fine grape harvest and premium wines.

With its typical cool micro-climate and fertile soil, Yileena Park produces a large number of quality grapes.

Yileena Park Winery Yarra Glen, Yarra Valley Victoria

Yileena Park Vineyard is a vineyard that consistently produces excellent wines with ripe flavours year after year. The vineyard’s rich coloured wines with an excellent texture express a remarkable delicious flavour. Therefore, the wines produced here are very popular among local customers.

The cellar door also features a tasting room, where visitors can try a wide array of house-special and new-release wines.

Make sure to stop by the cellar door during your next trip to the Yarra Valley. Yileena Park’s cellar door has unique sandstone designs, Victorian dacor, timber-panelled staircase and granite floors which make it an eye-catching venue perfect for a small party, celebration or a wedding function.

Also, the excellent outdoor setting with green pastures creates an inviting setting for visitors to come and enjoy. If you are lucky, you may catch the glimpse of a few grazing kangaroos amongst the vines.

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