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Launching Place Reserve
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Launching Place Reserve

Launching Place Reserve is a quiet spot in the town of Launching Place, just 54 kilometres east of Melbourne. This is a tranquil town where visitors get some peace and quiet among nature’s biodiversity.

One of the most interesting things about the town is its unique name. History has it that the town was named after a specific location on the Yarra River where logs to be used by timber millers in Melbourne were left to float, in essence, getting launched at that point; hence “Launching Place” was born.

Launching Place Reserve Sporting Oval, Wickham Road

Launching Place Reserve is a nature enthusiast’s paradise. The reserve is home to numerous species of eucalyptus trees, with the silver leaf stringybark and narrow leaf peppermint varieties being the most common. To a great extent, the availability of these trees within the reserve has contributed significantly to the growth and proliferation of the timber industry in the Yarra Valley.

Visitors to the reserve will quickly note the diversity of life within the reserve as you will easily spot a number of birds as well as echidnas, wallabies and wombats.

The town of Launching place has many camping grounds where families go camping, hiking and boating along the Yarra River.

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