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Launching Place

Launching Place

The picturesque town of Launching Place is nestled close to the Warburton Highway near Yarra Junction. As a popular residential town in Victoria, Launching Place is a favourite location amongst new home buyers in the region.

Launching Place Accommodation, Hotel & Caravan Park Vic

With an array of small wineries, art galleries, museums, parks and a hotel, Launching Place offers an amazing touring experience to all visitors.

Visitors to the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges often come to Launching Place for a short day trip to explore the town’s scenic attractions. The town’s proximity to the Yarra River also allows visitors to enjoy a range of water activities such as fishing, boating and kayaking.

Other activities include camping and hiking. Families and backpackers from neighbouring towns come here to enjoy an adventurous getaway amid the ranges and forested areas. You will come across an array of beautifully maintained parks and campgrounds in this town. So whether you are interested in hiking, bushwalking or camping, you will have plenty of activity choices at Launching Place.

Explore the breathtaking nature and amazing landscape of Launching Place by choosing to stay here during your Yarra Valley vacation. Accommodation options in this township include a range of award-winning hotels and winery accommodation choices.

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