Yarra Valley Farms

yarra valley farms

Besides the picturesque vineyards, the Yarra Valley also boasts an array of excellent farms and gardens set against the gorgeous mountainous backdrop.

Yarra Valley Farms are one of the major produce suppliers in the Mornington Peninsula and Victoria. Known for their quality fresh fruits, berries and vegetables, these farms serve both the residential and domestic markets of this entire region.

Yarra Valley Farms, Melbourne, Victoria

The Yarra Valley Farms was started in 2001 with an aim to supply quality fresh produce to the hospitality industry, residents and visitors. With its growing popularity and demand, the Yarra Valley farms started franchising after their first year in business.

Each of these franchised farms aims to offer personalised service to every customer, while providing them the finest fresh produce grown in their farms. Hence, the Yarra Valley farms are one of the most popular, successful and major fresh produce suppliers in Victoria.

In addition, the farms also focus on offering goods at a reasonable price. With its excellent service, quality produce and affordable price, the farms have become some of the most popular and major fruit and vegetable suppliers. Currently, the farms also operate in Queensland and northern NSW. Each of these farms also includes small coffee shops, fully serviced restaurants and bars within their venue.

Pick fresh fruits and vegetables from the Yarra Valley Farms after touring the farms lush setting. Also, linger over a gourmet meal along with the regions fabulous wines, as you discover the true meaning of the Yarra Valley’s passion for authentic and delicious foods and wines.

Yarra Valley Farms Information

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10 Thomas St, Yarraville VIC 3013, Australia

Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday – 7am to 5pm
Sunday – Closed

Phone: 1300 73 44 33
Email: customer.service@yarravalleyfarms.com.au

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