Yarra Valley Events

yarra valley events

The Yarra Valley has everything from the natural attractions to award-winning wineries and vineyards. Furthermore, the wide array of Yarra Valley events along with the best food, wine and nature altogether offer a memorable experience to each guest holidaying here in 2013 and 2014.

The Yarra Valley hosts an array of events including world-famous food & wine, music and sporting festivals as well as a number of cultural festivals.

Yarra Valley Events Calendar 2014 & 2015

Come to the famous Melba Festival of the Yarra Valley to join the team and pay homage to the internationally renowned opera singer, Dame Nellie Melba. This springtime event showcases world-class music as well as a variety of food and wine.

The winery county of Victoria hosts the famous Grape Grazing Festival every year. The event features wide varieties of wines produced by 20 popular wineries and an array of delicious food varieties created by some of the top chefs of the region. In addition, the event also showcases live music shows.

Another similar event on the even calendar is the Green Summer Festival, which is a food and wine festival held during summer. Come here to join the crew at these spectacular wineries in the Yarra Valley and enjoy some authentic food and wine in this gorgeous township.

In addition to all these festivals, the Yarra Valley is also known to host art exhibitions, workshops and community events. At the end of the month, the Yarra Valley’s regional group of farmer’s markets are some of the liveliest events with many choices of shopping, dining and entertainment.

Come here and explore the farmer’s market and try the tasty treats at the eateries and restaurants. Also pick some handmade crafts or fabrics as a souvenir for your loved ones.

Kellybrook Cider Festival

Kellybrook Cider Festival 2015If you are planning a visit to Yarra Valley during the first week of May, then the Kellybrook Cider Festival is the perfect choice for you. Held on the first Saturday and Sunday of May, this all-day-long festival at...

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Shortest Lunch

Shortest Lunch 2015The Yarra Valley’s unique events and festivals include an array of popular food and wine fests. The Shortest Lunch is one among them, which is hosted by some of the Yarra Valley’s smaller wine producers. This unique feast...

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The Spring Graze

The Spring Graze 2015There is no better way to explore the township’s true passion for gourmet delicacies and wines than by joining a food festival. Whether it is the winery concerts, the unique lunch events or the cider fests, each one carries...

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Open Studios

Yarra Valley Open Studios 2015The Yarra Valley has many picturesque attractions within its stunning natural landscape. The town’s exquisite beauty, myriads of scenic points and several activity choices stun onlookers. Today, a number of tourists...

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Shed Fest 2015Come to Warburton to join the wonderful event of Shed Fest 2013. The inviting setting of Warburton welcomes many of guests to indulge in a peaceful atmosphere that boasts a wide array of things to see and do. Explore the region’s...

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Wandin Silvan Field Days

Wandin Silvan Field Days 2015Yarra Valley, the premier tourist destination of Victoria, is known for its excellent fresh produce, delicious wine and gourmet meals and an abundance of breathtaking natural attractions. In addition, the town’s...

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Marysville Sparkling Wine Festival

Marysville Sparkling Wine Festival 2015The Marysville Sparkling Wine Festival is a renowned annual event of the Yarra Valley. The quaint township of Marysville is a beautiful holiday destination positioned at the foothills of the Yarra Ranges. In...

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Cuban Jazz Festival

Cuban Jazz Festival 2015Come and experience the greatest live show at the Cuban Jazz Festival in the Yarra Valley. The event is not just a live jazz music fest, but a blend of fantastic live entertainment of Cuban bands, salsa lessons and several...

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Healesville Music Festival

Healesville Music Festival 2015With myriads of wineries, vineyards and several natural attractions, the scenic village of Healesville in the Yarra Ranges is an amazing tourist destination. The township also hosts a number of popular events, which...

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Longest Lunch

Longest Lunch 2016Join the world’s Longest Lunch at Marysville and relish some chef’s special dishes in a beautiful setting along the Steavensons River. The unique venue features one ultra-long table on the gorgeous river bank. Guests of all...

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Marysville To Melbourne Challenge

Marysville to Melbourne Challenge 2016The Marysville to Melbourne Challenge is a race that welcomes all amateur and experienced athletes to showcase their talent and compete for the title. This multisport game starts from Marysville and concludes...

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