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Kellybrook Cider Festival

Kellybrook Cider Festival

If you are planning a visit to the Yarra Valley, then make sure you check out the Kellybrook Cider Festival.

This festival is held at the Kellybrook Winery & Distillery, which allows visitors to come and try a variety of ciders whilst listening to some live music and enjoying some great food.

Kellybrook Cider Festival 2024 Dates, Tickets Prices Yarra Valley VIC

As the name suggests, the event features lots of cider; visitors can also learn more about cider by joining a cider-making demonstration. Dig into a delicious snack and try mulled cider while enjoying the day’s entertainment.

There are many scheduled activities throughout the day, so after spending a few hours exploring the venue and enjoying the music at this festival, sit back and enjoy a hearty lunch. Please note that dogs are not permitted at the festival.

Try their fabulous apple juice, which is made fresh every day. If your taste buds crave sugary delights, taste the house-special apple pies and cinnamon rolls. If you haven’t had enough by the end of the day, take home Kelly Cider’s special sparkling draught, mulled and champagne cider.


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    • Hi Bron,

      The official website doesn’t list the age for adults, but given that the cider festival is a licenced event, I would assume that those of drinking age (18yo) would be considered “adult.”

      There does not appear to be a discount for student concession. You may find that students under 18yo are free in any event.

      For further clarification, you can email the organisers at: [email protected]

      Enjoy the Cider Festival!


    • Hi Kelly,

      The dates and prices have now been released. I have updated our page, but here are the details for your quick reference:

      Dates: 30th April & 1st May
      Time: 11am to 5pm
      Price: $20 Adults, Kids Free
      Tickets may be purchased from the official website from 29 February or at the gate.

      Enjoy the Cider Festival!


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