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Buckleys Beer Brewery

Buckleys Beer

Although beer production in the Yarra Valley is still in the early stages, Buckleys Beer is a must-see venue for all beer-lovers coming to the Yarra Valley.

Recently, the venue has become popular with the increasing demands of tourists and local visitors who are interested in sampling locally produced, Victorian beer.

Buckleys Beer & Micro Brewery Healesville, Yarra Valley

Located in Healesville, Buckleys Beer is conveniently located for you to stop by on your travels through the Yarra Valley. Buckleys Brewery is a traditional craft brewery tucked away in the industrial estate of Healesville.

They welcome visitors to come and try their range of craft beers with cellar door tastings ($5 paddle for 4 beers) as well as take a free tour of the brewhouse on weekends.

Buckleys Beer brews two lagers and two ales with all natural ingredients and a minimum six week brew time, ensuring that their beers have the best blend of malt and hop flavours.

Come and check out this microbrewery in Helesville and take a tour. If you are looking for accommodation in the Yarra Valley, click on the link below to find the best accommodation deals.

30 Hunter Rd
Healesville, VIC

Opening Hours
11am - 5pm

Open until sunset in Summer

Phone Number
0408 354 909

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What is the Buckleys Beer address?
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What is the Buckleys Beer phone number?
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